IMO交易所 | 【important】 IMO exchange will stop all token deposi





Dear. User

Thank you to use IMO Eco System.

IMO Exchange will close and stop deposit service for all token at 10/13 18:00

please transfar your asset from IMO Exchange ( other wallet or Bitfox exchange

Currently, IMO Trading Post Re-Next Notification Dear User:

Please Migrate all IMO exchagen ( to Bitfox or other wallets.

Migrating period

Way to migrate asset: login to Bitfox exchange, Get Token address and send all token form IMO Exchange to Bitfox exchange.


1.if you still leave assets in IMO exchange after Closing date. It will Asset loss.

2.IMO wallet keeps working after Closing date.

Contact us

Telegram :@imoexchangeJapan

IMO Eco System has final interpretation belongs to the official platform

IMOEX team

2020 10/12

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